Terms And Conditions (Order & Shipping)

Please read the Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) carefully, it's as same as terms and conditions


Q) What is CSD, COD?
A) We are using the short forms...
CSD - Courier Service Delivey
COD - Cash On Delivery

Q) How much is the charges for CSD?
A) For Malaysia only
CSD - RM10.00 (Flat rate for all weight & entire Malaysia)

Q: Which courier service is your company using?
A: Change from time to time, please contact us for the latest courier service information.

Q: When I can receive my goods?
A: You will receive it within 03 working days.

Q) Can request the CSD agents to send on specific time?
A) This is quite impossible for their procedure but we will put a remark there.

Q: Will anyone know what I buy?
A: All products are shipped discreetly in a plain parcel bag with zero indication regarding its contents. There is absolutely no way of telling what's inside the parcel or who the sender is.

Q: Will shipping company know what is inside?
A) No, shipping companies handled thousand and million parcels everyday and there is no time for them to know what is inside.

Q: Am I guaranteed to receive the package?
A: Yes! We give you 100% guarantee that you will receive the package safely as it is shipped by our reputable appointed Courier Service Delivery (CSD) and Cash on Delivery (COD) company. Hence, you can shop with us worry free.

Q) Sometime I saw them misbehave of sending the goods instead of deliver to door step face to face?
A) For standard procedure they must have people to sign and receive it, if they are such things happened, please report to us and we will make a complain to them .

Q) What is your cut-off time for order?
A) Any payments or orders made by today will be considered as the next day's order

Q) When you will ship out the orders?
A) We will ship out the orders on Tuesday and Friday only. Example, if you ordered on Wednesday, so it will be send out on Friday.

Q) When I will receive my tracking number?
A) Your tracking code will ready on your account. For Tuesday, please check it on Wednesday after 5.00 pm and for Friday please check it on next week Monday after 5.00 pm.

※ If you can't track the code on the day, please try again next day day. Please do let us know if you do not receive your goods after 03 working days and we are most happy to help you track it out.

Q: What will happen to the parcel if I am not around to acknowledge?
A) If there is nobody around to acknowledge the parcel at your given address, courier agent normally will leave a notice letter in your mail box or door step and require you to do self collection at their nearest branch.

Normally you will be given 7 working days to collect your parcel, if the parcel is not collected within the deadline, they will return the parcel to us. Then, we will contact you to make a new shipping arrangement.

※ To avoid any troublesome matter, please ensure that someone are available to acknowledge the parcel at the given address during the delivery

Q: It has been 3 working days and my parcel has yet to arrive?
A: Please understand that the courier companies in Malaysia handle a lot of parcels/ shipments everyday. They do not work for you alone, so be reasonable and patience when there is a delay.

※ If the parcel already been passed to the courier, please contact the courier company.

Q) Why the products / package seal received is broke and leaked?
A) It looked as it a heavier package was squashed the products, please do let us know if you faced this matter and we will forward the complain to related shipping agent. This more likely will happen to eggs series instead of others.

Q) The parcel was returned due to non collection or acknowledgement, can request you reship to me?
A)Yes! But we do charge a fee of RM10.00 for reship the parcel.

Q) My parcel wrong delivered or went missing?
A: Wrong delivered or went missing packages rarely happen, but if it does happen, please contact the courier company for next arrangement.

Q: Why can't you contact the courier company for me?
A) The courier company will need your personal information for the tracking.

FAQs (COD - Cash On Delivery

Q) What is your COD covered areas?
A) Klang Valley only

Q) How much is the charges for COD?
A) For Malaysia only
COD - RM20.00 ~ RM30.00 ( Rates are subjected to change from time to time)

Q) Why is the COD charge so expensive?
A) We outsourced our COD jobs to a reputable courier company which has offered us very competitive rates.

Q) Can I request Cash On Delivery (COD) but Same Day Delivery (SDD) on weekend or public holiday?
A) Nope, because no people working.


Q) What is the international shipping rates and arrival days?
A) International shipping rates change from time to time, please refer to: FAQS -> International Shipping Rate.

Q) Is there any shipping risks if i buy from oversea?
A: Missing packages rarely happen but we can't guaranteed what will happen during enter your country and we will not be responsible for unexpected consequences.

Q) Do you have any support documents for the products you sold?
A: We don't have any supporting documents as well as our suppliers don't have it as well. As it's private and confidential data of the manufacturer.


Q) Is all your products ready stocks?
A) For most yes, but in the event there is any of your order is out of stock, we will notify you immediately for further arrangement.

Q) I made an order but it was out of stock!
A) We will advice you accordingly on refunding of payment, exchanging for other products or waiting for new stocks replenished.

Q) Why my orders cancelled from your website?
A) Your order is valid for 48 hours and we will cancel the order if we do not receive any update or payment from you.

Q) What about the product warranty?
A) No, all products quality will be checked in advance to ensure that they are in perfect condition before we send it out.


Q) I received the parcel but i would like to request for exchange or refund for any reasons.
A) Goods sold are non-returnable or exchangeable, we are unable to offer an exchange or return of products for any reasons. So kindly choose well before you buy.

Q) If my order delay from your side and can i request for refund?
A) Nope, please allow us at least minimum 3 days to process your orders if your orders have not ship out on next day.

Q) When is the refund date?
A) Refund date will on every end of month 30 th.

Q) Why the refund date must on specific date?
A) Process of refund need the TAC numbers to from our accountant to proceed which only available end of month.

Q) How can I get back the excess payment that I have paid?
A) If the excess payment is less than RM30.00, the amount will be converted as a "coupon code" where you can use for your next purchase.

Q) Can I request refund for those orders haven't ship out or returned due to non collection or acknowledgement?
A) Yes! You are allow request for refund but we do charge a fee for cancel the order.

Cancellation fee: RM10.00 - Order haven't ship out (Admin processing fee)
Cancellation fee: RM20.00 - Order shipped out (Two side charges of ship out + return)

※ Add up payment processor charges if you used it

Q) What is the charges to reship the parcel?
A) Total is RM20.00, please do note that there are two side charges.

Return charge: RM10.00 - Charge from shipping company
Reship charge: RM10.00 - Charge from shipping company


Q) How to track my shipment?
A) To track your shipment, please follow steps as below:
1) My Account/ Log In
2) Order/ View
3) Tracking Number (Click)

Q: How to check and edit my account information?
A: You can view your orders statuses, invoice, history and manage all your account information by clicking "My Account" on our website.

Q) Why my order still "On Hold' although the payment successfully made?
A) Once the payment is verified, only we will change the order status to from "Pending Payment / On Hold" to "Processing" and we will process your order accordingly.


Q) Why there is not free gift after i purchased more than RM150.00 ?
A) You need to add the free gift manually, as some of the customers are not interested in the free gift.

Q) Can I add back the free gift once my orders is processed?
A) Nope, we unable add it from our side as office and inventory system is separated.