FORMAX Testosterone Booster 60 cap


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Please keep out reach of children & for adult use only. If you have a medical condition or are taking medication, consult your healthcare professional before using this product. This product is not recommended for people with heart disease or serious hypertension problem.

Take this supplement consistently for at least 03 to 05 days without any masturbation or sexual intercourse, so you can cum like a porn star later.


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FORMAX Daily (Testosterone Booster) 60 Caps
● Improvement in erectile function
● Longer lasting erection
● Greater premature ejaculation control
● Increase sexual performance
● Enhance overall body blood flow
● Increase production of testosterone
● Balance testosterone level
● Increase in semen volume
● Improve in semen quality
● Enhance in libido level
● Stronger and intensive ejaculation

For daily health:
● Increases body stamina and endurance
● Increases muscle mass and bones
● Increases facial and pubic hair
● Increases red blood cells production
● Increases body’s pheromone production
● Strengthens body’s heart and blood
● Strengthen body’s immune system
● Improves cardiovascular health
● Improves memory and concentration
● Improves quality of mood and life
● Decreases body fat and cholesterol

● Restore body’s testosterone
● Made form natural ingredients
● No known side effects
● Halal and safe for use
● The best and clinically proven

The best male daily supplement!
Activates and restores testosterone in your body in order to enhance strength and stamina so that you can enjoy best sex in your life and cum like a porn star!

As a dietary supplement, take 01 capsule 02 times daily after a meal. Use this supplement consistently for no less than 12 weeks for maximum and best results.

This product does not give you immediate results but it aims to restore the body’s testosterone and energy as well as to promote overall health, stamina and endurance in long term.


Description (BM)

FORMAX Daily (Testosterone Booster) 60 Caps
● Meningkatkan fungsi ereksi
● Memanjangkan masa ereksi
● Melambatkan ejakulasi pra-matang
● Meningkatkan prestasi seksual
● Melancarkan peredaran darah selurah badan
● Menggalakkan pertumbuhan testosteron
● Menyeimbangkan tahap testosteron
● Meningkatkan kuantiti air mani
● Meningkatkan kualiti sperma
● Membangkitkan tahap nafsu
● Pancutan yang lebih kuat dan intensif

Untuk kesihatan harian:
● Meningkatkan tenaga dan stamina badan
● Meningkatkan pertumbuhan otot dan tulang
● Meningkatkan pertumbuhan rambut badan
● Meningkatkan pertumbuhan sel darah merah
● Meningkatkan pertumbuhan pheromone badan
● Menguatkan darah dan jantung badan
● Menguatkan sistem imunisasi badan
● Meningkatkan kesihatan kardiovaskular
● Meningkatkan daya fokus dan ingatan
● Meningkatkan kualiti mood dan kehidupan
● Mencegah lemak dan kolesterol badan

● Formulasi holistik yang terbukti
● Dibuat dari bahan-bahan kualiti yang terbaik
● Dengan sokongan klinikal dan saintifik
● Tiada kesan sampingan
● Halal dan selamat digunakan

Supplement harian yang terbaik!
Mengaktifkan testosteron yang tersembunyi dalam badan untuk mengembalikan kekuatan dan stamina lelaki perkasa, rahsia untuk pancutan air mani yang berdas-das dan besar-besaran, menikmatilah seks yang terbaik dalam hidup anda!

Cara guna:
Sebagai supplement harian, ambil 01 kapsul 02 kali sehari selepas makan. Sila amalkan supplement ini secara konsisten tidak kurang dari 03 bulan untuk hasil yang maksimum dan terbaik.

Product ini bukan bertujuan untuk memberi kesan serta-merta (yang cuma memberi kesan sementara), tetapi bertujuan untuk membantu anda memulihkan testosteron dan tenaga badan serta kesihatan menyeluruh untuk jangka masa panjang dan hasil yang kekal.




Q) Any particular reasons why you recommended FORMAX over other products?
A) Lower price, better performance and positive feedbacks always from our customers.

Q) What is the differences between FORMAX Testosterone Booster and other brands?
FORMAX Testosterone Booster designed to restores male's testosterone in your body, please read our product's description for more information.

Q) What is the differences between FORMAX Testosterone Booster and FORMAX Performance?
A) FORMAX Testosterone Booster is a daily supplement for your sex health while FORMAX Performance is design for instant erection on your demand.

Q) What is the difference between FORMAX and VIMAX?
A) 99% Vimax in the market is counterfeit or china made, it is not safe for you to consume while the quality of FORMAX is assured by us.


Q) Can I take FORMAX Testosterone Booster if I have a high blood pressure?
A) Yes, you are safe to take FORMAX Testosterone Booster as it is made from organic extract.

Q) Can I take FORMAX Performance with or after alcohol?
A) Alcohol proven not good for sex, please don't take supplement with or after alcohol.

Q) Is there any restrictions taking FORMAX Testosterone Booster?
A) No, you are safe to take it

Q) Is there any consultant needed from Doctor?
A) Consultant hassle in needless.


Q) What is all FORMAX products capsules made from?
A) It is made from Gelatin, a very common ingredient of capsules in the market.

Q) Why the powder inside the capsules turned darker color?
A) It is normal if the ingredients is made from herbs or organic extracts.

Q) Why the surface of the capsules turned yellow color?
A) It is normal if the ingredients is made from herbs or organic extracts.

Q) Is it still safe to consume if the capsules or powder turned yellow or darker color?
A) Yes, it is still safe to consume.


Q) Is your products registered with FDA?
A) Please note FORMAX have not been evaluated by the FDA or any government agencies. Registered with FDA doesn't means it is safe and it is just a product registration which is legally for business only.

Example: Although Panadol is registered with FDA but doesn't means you are safe to take 10 tabs at once.

Q) After take FORMAX products will it stick on urine?
A) No, FORMAX ingredients does not come with illegal substance.

Q) Is FORMAX is safer than other sexual enhancers in the market?
A) Yes, FORMAX is totally safer than many sexual enhancers in the market, as the quality is checked all the time.


Q) Best results of taking your pills?
A) Take 01 capsule 02 times daily after a meal. Use this supplement consistently for no less than 12 weeks for maximum and best results.

Q) Can I take stop taking FORMAX Testosterone Booster for some days?
A) No. It is not recommended, if you stop it for few days you will hardly see the results.


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