FORMAX Performance (Real Edition) 02 caps

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Please keep out reach of children & for adult use only. If you have a medical condition or are taking medication, consult your healthcare professional before using this product. This product is not recommended for people with heart disease or serious hypertension problem.

Effectiveness: Lasts up to 03 days
Note: Sexual stimulation is required
Recommended For: Age 30 ~ 45 +
Remark: Great for beginner or those who start having minor Erectile Dysfunction (ED), but result is not guaranteed by taking alcohol




FORMAX Performance Pills (Real Edition) 02 caps
● Instant solution for erectile dysfunction
● Longer time of erection
● Harder and stronger erection
● Increase sexual energy and stamina
● Improve overall body blood circulation
● Boost vitality and virility
● Stimulate passion and desire
● More powerful and lasts longer

● Lasts for 03 days
● No side effects
● Safe and halal
● 100% made form herbal extracts
● The best and clinically proven

For better performance and greater satisfaction
These pills are designed for those people who are suffering from sexual problems. By taking these pills on a regular basis, your energy level will be increased. This will lead to easier, harder and longer lasting erections to ensure your partner’s satisfaction, over and over again.

● Real Edition – The most popular and Best Seller (Choose this if you are a first timer)
● Wild Edition – For those experts who want extraordinary sexual performance

Take 01 capsule 60 minutes before intercourse activity. For best results, it is best taken on empty stomach or 04 hours after a meal.

This product gives you immediate results and the benefits will last up to 03 days after consumption. Please do not exceed 03 capsules within a 72 hour period.

Description (BM)

FORMAX Performance Pills (Real Edition)
● Merawat masalah mati pucuk dengan Serta-Merta
● Memanjangkan masa ereksi
● Menambahkan ketegangan ereksi
● Melancarkan peredaran darah selurah badan
● Meningkatkan daya ketahanan tenaga harian
● Meningkatkan tenaga dan stamina seksual
● Merangsang keghairahan dan nafsu
● Lebih perkasa dan berdayung lebih lama

● Tahan sehingga 03 hari
● Tiada kesan sampingan
● Halal dan selamat digunakan
● 100% terbuat dari ekstrak herba
● Terbagus dan terbukti secara klinikal

Orang berikut tidak digalakkan:
● Sakit jantung
● Darah tinggi- Serius
● Selain itu semua OK

Belum cuba belum tahu, lepas cuba hari-hari mahu
Ubat kuat ini dapat membantu golongan lelaki dewasa yang berhadapi dengan pelbagai jenis masalah seks dan memberikan tahap tenaga yang optimum, sekaligus mengembalikan tenaga kelakian yang luarbiasa dan liarbiasa!

● Real Edition- Yang terlaris dan paling popular dipilih oleh ramai (Pilih ini kalau anda "First Timer")
● Wild Edition- Untuk pakar yang nak super seks malam ini

Cara guna:
Ambil 01 kapsul 60 minit sebelum hubungan seksual. Untuk hasil yang terbaik, ia disyorkan ambil dengan perut kosong atau 04 jam selepas makan.

Produk ini memberi kesan serta-merta dan keberkesanan sehingga 3 hari selepas pengambilan. Dinasihatkan supaya tidak mengambil lebih dari 3 kapsul dalam masa 72 jam.



Q) Any particular reasons why you recommended FORMAX over other products?
A) Lower price, better performance and positive feed backs always from our customers.

Q) What is the differences between FORMAX Performance and other sexual enhancers?
A) FORMAX Performance great for those first time or who is taking Cialis/ Viagra/ Kamagra/ Levitra or any other brands.

Q) What is the differences between Real Edition and Wild Edition?
A) Real edition is designed for beginners or adults age from 30 - 45+, while Wild edition is designed for adults from 40 - 65+ or people with taking alcohol.

Q) Can FORMAX Performance help to make penis bigger ?
A) FORMAX Performance is not designed to enhances your size as what other competitors advertised misleading outside.

Q) What is the difference between FORMAX and VIMAX?
A) 99% Vimax in the market is counterfeit or china made ,it is not safe for you to consume while the quality of FORMAX is assured by us.


Q) What is all FORMAX products capsules made from?
A) It is made from Gelatin, a very common ingredient of capsules in the market.

Q) Why the powder inside the capsules turned darker color?
A) It is normal if the ingredients is made from herbs or organic extracts.

Q) Why the surface of the capsules turned yellow color?
A) It is normal if the ingredients is made from herbs or organic extracts.

Q) Is it still safe to consume if the capsules or powder turned yellow or darker color?
A) Yes, it is still safe to consume.


Q) Is your products registered with FDA?
A) Please note FORMAX have not been evaluated by the FDA or any government agencies. Registered with FDA doesn't means it is safe and it is just a product registration which is legally for business only.

Example: Although Panadol is registered with FDA but doesn't means you are safe to take 10 tabs at once.

Q) After take FORMAX products will it stick on urine?
A) No, FORMAX ingredients does not come with illegal substance.

Q) Is FORMAX is safer than other sexual enhancers in the market?
A) Yes, FORMAX is totally safer than many sexual enhancers in the market, as the quality is checked all the time.

Q) Can I take FORMAX Performance if I have a high blood pressure?
A) Suffering from serious heart problems and serious high blood pressure is not recommended.

However, there is hypertension patients take it as well but we won’t be responsible for any misuse according to your personal health status and side effect problem.

Q) Can I take FORMAX Performance with or after alcohol?
A) Alcohol proven not good for sex, but if you insist for sex after alcohol, please take FORMAX Performance Wild edition. But the result is not guaranteed.

Q) I'm having gastric, is necessary to take food before taking FORMAX Performance?
A) You may take it 4 hours after a meal.

Q) Is there any restrictions taking FORMAX Performance?
A) Yes, please don't mix with any medicines that will reduce blood pressure.

Q) Is there any consultant needed from Doctor?
A) Consultant hassle in needless.


Q) Best results of taking your pills?
A) Take 01 capsule 60 minutes before intercourse activity. For best results, it is best taken on empty stomach or 4 hours after a meal.

Q) Can I consume FORMAX Performance 3 days continuously but skip doing sex?
A) No. It is not recommended.

Q) Can I take FORMAX Performance everyday?
A) No. FORMAX Performance is design for instant erection on your demand. It is unnecessary to take it everyday, just take it when you need it.

Q) FORMAX Performance is not as effective and strong as before?
A) Please stop consuming for awhile and take it back after 3 to 7 days.

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