Formax Glide (Silicone Based – Thick) 100 ml


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Please keep out reach of children & for adult use only. Discontinue use if you experienced any adverse reaction to this product. It is extremely slippery on all surfaces until washed with soap and water.

Effectiveness: It is never easy to dry up
Note: It is oily and sticky until washed with soap and water
Recommended For: Unisex who is looking for anal intercourse activities


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FORMAX Glide (Silicone Based - Thick) 100 ML
● Special designed for backdoor activities
● Water resistant and free from preservatives
● Thicker texture for increased pleasure and comfort

More sensations and more adventure!
FORMAX GLIDE silicone based personal lubricant designed to supplement the body’s natural lubrication and enhance the pleasures of intimacy. The silky thick, buttery glide is water resistant and long lasting, making it an ideal partner for adventurous play. Free of preservatives and formulated using only the highest quality silicone. A little goes a long way!

Apply a small amount of lubricant where additional lubricant is desired. Reapply as needed.

Description (BM)

FORMAX Glide (Silicone Based - Thick) 100 ML
● Direka khas untuk aktiviti anal
● Kalis air dan bebas dari sebarang bahan pengawet
● Tekstur yang lebih tebal untuk memberikan kesenagan dan keselesaan yang maksima

Lebih sensasi dan lebih banyak pengembaraan!
FORMAX GLIDE silicone based perlincir peribadi yang direka untuk melengkapkan pelinciran semula jadi badan dan meningkatkan kenikmatan keintiman.Ketebalan bak sutera, tahan air dan tahan lama, menjadikannya pasangan yang ideal untuk permainan yang lasak. Bebas dari bahan pengawet dan diformulasikan dengan hanya menggunakan silikon berkualiti tinggi. Penggunaan minimim untuk perjalanan yang lebih lama!

Cara guna:
Sapukan sedikit pelincir di mana pelincir diperlukan. Sapukan semula mengikut keperluan.




Q) What is FORMAX Glide for ?
A) FORMAX Glide lubricant is designed for intensive anal sex.
Q) Can FORMAX Glide used with condom?
A) Yes, it won’t degrade latex condoms.

Q) Can FORMAX Glide used for vaginal intercourse?
A) Not advice, for vaginal intercourse please use water based lubricant

Q) Can FORMAX Glide used with sex toys?
A) Not advice, as it can damage solidify of the toy

Q) Why do I need a silicone based lubricant for anal sex?
A) The anal area of the body is not naturally lubricated. The use of a silicone based lubricant is therefore a must for pleasurable anal sex. This is the only way of compensating for the lack of natural lubrication in this area.


Q) Do FORMAX Glide contain flavourings or colourings?
A) No, all of our products are manufactured without colour additives and they are all neutral in taste.


Q) Is it safe to orally ingest FORMAX Glide?
A) FORMAX Glide should not be ingested in large amounts as this may have a laxative effect.

Q) Is silicone harmful to my body?
A) No. We only use the highest quality, purest silicones that are not harmful to the human body. Silicone molecules are larger than skin pores. As a result, they remain on the surface of the skin and are not absorbed.

Q) Can I use FORMAX Glide while pregnant or breastfeeding?
A) Yes , our product does not contain any harmful substance in it.


Q) How to use your product?
A) Apply a small amount of lubricant where additional lubricant is desired. Reapply as needed.

Q) What's the best way to get rid of the FORMAX Glide stains?
A) Please wash it with shampoo and rinse with water will do.

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